Welcome to Lyon Tower

Welcome to Lyon Tower!

Embracing Mind, Body, Spirit, & True Community

Located on the scenic Evansdale Campus in the Evansdale Residential Complex or “Towers,” Lyon Residential College houses over four hundred residents, seventeen Resident Assistants, and one Wellness Coordinator. Overseen by Resident Faculty Leader, Dr. Cynthia Bess and Residence Hall Coordinator, Ms. Tiffany Hughes, the residential college focuses on the overall student through empowerment, engagement, and true community. The Lyon Tower staff continues to encourage academic and personal integrity, practice civic responsibility, foster life long learning, have respect for dignity and diversity, and value the wisdom and culture of Mind, Body, Spirit, and our True Community.

Lyon Tower Mission Statement

The community and staff of Lyon Residential College, or Lyon Tower, promises to adhere to the highest standards of personal conduct and professionalism. Lyon Tower, as a member of the Residential Education and First Year Experience programs, will develop and prepare students equally in areas of personal, social, and academic success.

Programming within Lyon Tower will be to develop and foster the academic and personal goals of each resident, while providing well-rounded activities that will help each resident adapt personally and academically in a globalized world.

Accountability within Lyon Tower will be used to help, correct, and improve the behavior of the individual, never to punish, and staff is expected to apply this discipline in accordance to the principles set forth by Residential Education and that of West Virginia University to maintain a respectable academic institution. Staff will earn trust by valuing the principles of integrity, honesty, patience, and responsibility and will be understanding and tolerant of individual differences within the community. Community standards be implemented by each member of staff and the code of conduct and disciplinary processes as outlined in the Eyes & ‘Eers will be followed and respected.

The Lyon Tower leadership team will work together, sacrificing personal ambition for the welfare of the group, while maintaining a positive work environment for residents and staff alike to learn and grow as individuals. Members of staff will understand the concept of working with each other as a team and strive to be the very best in all aspects of their job. Each member of staff will persevere to work to her or his potential in all facets of the Residential Education model, abide by the rules, and realize the potential within themselves to meet their personal goals and interests. In doing so, each resident within Lyon Tower will be provided with a safe, quiet, and healthy environment to live and work that is conducive to life-long learning and personal success.

- The Lyon Tower Residential Education Team